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ProStretch Trio Massage Balls

ProStretch Trio Massage Balls

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The ProStretch Trio is a set of 3 massage balls each of a different density allowing for massage personalization. Multiple balls can be used simultaneously to activate different acupressure points. 

Versatile Pain Relief Therapy

You can use these rollerballs all over your body to target areas such as your glutes, upper back, shoulders, as well as your foot for plantar fasciitis. These exercise balls can be used on the floor, in a seated position, or even against a wall.

Recovery with Three Densities

Soft density, medium density, or firm density, you decide your desired pressure of massage.

Lightweight & Portable

  • Take these myofascial massage balls with you anywhere.
  • Keep them at home or throw them in your gym bag to take care of tired muscles on-the-go.
  • These balls are made with durable material that can withstand your weight and won’t break down.

Weight: 9.3oz

Country of Origin: Made in China

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